StreetScan Benefits

It’s the Community That Benefits through Crime Awareness with StreetScan.

StreetScan is a crime alert notification system designed to benefit the community at large through awareness of local neighborhood crime and to provide greater technology resources to local and regional law enforcement agencies. StreetScan alerts you of crimes reported in your area. Whether you’re home or away you will always know what’s going on.

Through our alliance with the Law Enforcement Agencies, people in communities are more informed about incidents occurring around them and are able to make more informed decisions. StreetScan gives you the power to make wise decisions and the power to keep your family and neighbors safe. With StreetScan, you find out about crime in your neighborhood before it makes the news—if it makes the news.

With StreetScan you are in control of what information you receive and how often you receive it. You can select to receive alerts via text and/or email as they happen or as a daily summary. You can easily define the area you want to monitor along with the frequency and crime types of the alerts you receive.

to start setup of your area and start receiving alerts immediately.